1. Hi Erin, I am really excited about trying flexible seating in my Kinder classroom this year. Question- my kids will have workbooks/folders for certain activities that are "theirs", meaning we can't share them or use them like our other community supplies. How do you store/organize those so the kids know where to find them everyday since they don't have a home base table/group?

    1. Hello! That is a great question :) Last year, I used the plastic three drawers for each group before flexible seating. I moved those to the back of my room and assigned each "group" of kids to one. So everyone knew which group to go to. Since there were three drawers, they stored their math journals, ELA journals, and TREAT binder (at home binder) Then I put a crate on top for their folders. Then I just sent one "group" at a time to go get whichever item was needed at that time. I hope that helps! I think whatever works best for you is good! The kids will adapt and pick up whatever you choose! Another idea is a shelf with the students' number written on the spine of the workbook. I personally love the crate because they are cheap and easy to find at the beginning of the year! Good Luck! Let me know how it goes!