Monday, September 3, 2018

Charging Up Charts- Beginning of the year

Hello Friends! We have officially been back to school for four weeks! I can't even believe that a whole month has passed. We have been working on classroom expectations and learning responsibility.

Part of learning responsibility is using the room (and anchor charts) to review rules and procedures. I always like to create anchor charts with my students, but coming up with my information on the spot is always a challenge. Usually my anchor charts look like this hot mess.

 Then, I had the idea of working on my anchor charts at home, but I still wanted the students to be involved. This was the result and I am in LOVE! Ta-Da Charging up Charts was born!
The students are still involved, I prep them before school and have them ready. We work together to fill them up, and honestly you could even work together to create them as well. 

I have students use post it notes to help me fill them out. You could even laminate them and use dry erase markers.

You can find Charging Up Charts here! What Charts would you like to see next? I have some ideas brewing!