Saturday, April 1, 2017

Spreading Kindness with the Jelly Donut Difference

Hello Friends! Spring is the time whennnn our little friends start to get a little grouchy with each other. #amIright? We were having a case of the grouchies in our classroom, nothing major, but we seemed to have forgotten our kindness manners. Our spring break still hasn't come and we are in testing mode. Sometimes, those things just stress our students out, and so this book came at the perfect time!

I LOVE all of Maria Dismondy's books, but this one just struck a chord with me. I love that the kids in the book decide to provide acts of kindness. We brainstormed acts of kindness that were cheap or easy for kids to complete, and I cut out this large donut to keep as a reminder for our classroom.

Then, I used colorful paper to print out sprinkles, and each student chose two to write an act of kindness on. They came up with some great ideas!

Taking out the neighbors trash, holding open doors for older people, and writing notes to make people have a better day were some of my favorites.

I love that this student wanted to donate to neighborhood charities! This book is much more than a fun read. It is something my students are begging to read off of my shelf. They continue to read it weeks later, and I am so proud that they have started completing their acts of kindness at home and school!

You can find the book on Maria's website or Amazon!  There is also an awesome reader's guide and coloring sheets on this page! Your students will love them!