Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Room Transformation Planning Page

Happy March! I am so excited that March is here. We are getting close to review time for #allthetests so it is the perfect time for a room transformation. Throughout the year, I plan small room transformations that we use for a lesson or two here and there. But each year, I also like to plan large room transformations!

We've had crime scenes, bakeries, hospitals, and pirate ships but this year I am trying something new. I love this post by Hope and Wade King, when they did their Jurassic World. I have some kiddos that are obsessed with dinosaurs this year so I knew it was going to be a great idea to incorporate this idea. But in true teacher confessions, it is HARD to be Hope King, y'all. She has been doing room transformations for a while, so she has it down pat! So to help me plan and wrap my mind around my day, I made these planning pages. It was so helpful to go over my standards, what I had, and what I needed to buy!

 I am so excited to sit and write down all of my thoughts on one page. This will help me get ready AND know what to ask parents to donate. If you want to use the page, you can download it here or click on the picture! 

Have you done any room transformations lately? What is your favorite theme? Share in the comments below. Happy Planning!

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  1. Your idea is brilliant and will definitely be helpful for me in making some good renovations to my room. I haven't done it yet in a year but plan on doing it soon.