Monday, September 12, 2016

Oriental Trading Teacher Wishlist

Happy Weekend, Friends! I wanted to share something with you that I am currently loving! I am sure you have heard of Oriental Trading. I loved buying things there for my treasure box or parties that I was throwing, but recently they have added so many things for your classroom! They even have a section where you can create a teacher wishlist to share with the parents of the students you teach!

 I mean, it can not get better than that! Wouldn't it be great for anyone wanting to help out your class just click to buy for your classroom? Believe it or not, there are some parents willing to help, even if it is just a little bit. Not only will this help you, but some parents may also buy things they see for their own kids to use as well! There have been so many times that parents have asked me, "Where can I get something fun for my child to practice_____." Well here is your answer! It is so easy to set up an account. You can preview my wishlist for my classroom here. Just set up your account, click wishlist at the top right hand corner, and add to it! It could not be any easier!

I wanted to share some things that I love, that hopefully you will love too!

My school mascot is the wildcat, so we base so much of our PBIS on P.A.W.S. and a paw theme. These precious little paws made my littles WANT to behave. If they get called for a paws card to the front of the school that week, they get to add this flair on their brag tag necklace. Instant excitement!

These hundreds charts have been a new favorite in my math groups. The kids are loving that they can use dry erase markers on them. I also love that I can have them skip count using them too!

The students are using these during Writer's Workshop. They are a sturdy material, but I think I may laminate them to keep them nice and clean. They are on rings so that the kids can use them easily. I love them so much, I am going to order the first grade ones! The words are so helpful, and the students can easily find better words to use in their writing. 

We have used these reading dice probably ten times in the last week! They are perfect for whole group or small groups. I have been using the 5W dice in partners and the large dice in small groups. The awesome thing about the large dice is that you can order the cards you see here to put in the clear pouches on the sides, OR you can create your own! That leaves ENDLESS possibilities! 

I also found these cute pencils with paws on them that match my room colors. I put them in my guided reading container, that way I know they belong to me and if any wander off, we know who they belong to.

 I LOVE these math games! The money one is great! There are a lot of items to choose from and the students have to actually think about HOW to build the number. The chips are also a great deal. You get 600 pieces! I used to have my students use numbered old poker chips and in the past couple of years the students have misplaced them or they have worn out or have gotten broken. I love these because the students can see patterns forming by the colors! I can also make a couple of sets with the amount of chips in the box. I am using these for skip counting, but there are SO many uses!

I made this little freebie for you to use for skip counting. Click the picture or here to grab it! I hope that you have the chance to set up a wishlist for Oriental Trading. I am so excited to share mine! Come back and let me know what you added to your list! I would love more ideas!

(Note: I was given these items from Oriental Trading Company in exchange for a review, however the review is my own honest opinion.)

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  1. This is really great to make childrens more capable of doing stuff at early ages that will help them in future a lot. I love the idea you have posted