Sunday, August 28, 2016

Come On In To My 2nd Grade Classroom!

Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year friends! I am so excited to share my new room with you all! This year, I moved schools and grade levels. There are still some spaces that I am looking forward to dressing up, but for now it is working great! 

My mom made me this cute valance for my door, and I grabbed the welcome sign from Target!

This is the view when you walk into my classroom. This room is very square, so there isn't a ton of places to put things. I had to get rid of A LOT when I moved rooms because this room did have a little more build in storage than my last room.  I also have several more students in this school than my last, which means several more desks. I love how clean it looks right now :)

Each group has an organization station. I have used these for several years and I love them! Throughout the years, they have changed and this year I used the Target clear adhesive label pockets to make sure that the students know what goes in the drawers.

I have one window, which I LOVE and I dressed it up with these curtains to keep out some of the hot Georgia sun. I keep all of my word work items and things the kids use under the window. 

Next to this, I keep my students book bins. I get a LOT of questions about my pie pans. I use these to show my students which group they are in for words their way word work without using their names. Sometimes, they forget, and it is easy to keep the numbers up there. I will also start putting the spelling lists up there too!

Also on this back wall is my bulletin board. I use it for our key words, standards, and anything that we are working on. Anchor charts also go there. I like for the students to be able to use the things on the board and for it to be accessible to them.

My whiteboard is still a work in progress, currently it is housing all things Picture of the Day (by Jen Jones),  Mentor Sentences (by Ideas by Jivey), and Math Groups! The storage underneath has all of my math manipulatives and games in it. My math group organization will go in the baskets on top. The frame on the left will house our Writer of the Week, and I LOVE my student created alphabet on top!

On the other side, I have my Code Cards. I use the pencil to point to which code we are currently on. Code Zero is no talking. You can find them here and a blog post about them here.

Next is my author's chair and my desk. Right now, I have two different rugs because I cannot find the perfect rug! My kids LOVE my author's chair, and it is the only thing that I keep that doesn't really match with my colors. I can't get rid of it, because the kids just love it so much!

Behind my desk is a bulletin board that the kids can't really get to, I am not sure how I am going to use it.  I would love to hear your thoughts! I do have our classroom jobs on that board. I also keep the student library back there.

This is my library! I organize it by year and how I use them. 

I also hang the students brag tags on the book bag hooks! My small group table has crate seats that I made a few years ago. They have lasted for a while and I love them!

This is my back wall where my storage is and my computers! I am still not sure what to put there! Any thoughts? I don't want it to get junky. I do keep my paper storage back there and I organize the kids papers in the crate. (That is our mailbox!)

Thank you so much for visiting my classroom, don't forget to visit my friends' classrooms as well! They have some beautiful spaces. Click on the picture to visit the classroom!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Glue Sponges

Hey friends! I have been using my glue sponges for a few weeks now and I decided to go ahead and blog about how much I LOVE them! I got this idea from Greg at The Kindergarten Smorgasboard.

I decided that sharing glue sponges wasn't an option this year. Every year you have different types of students, and last year it is better for us not to share. I found these ziploc containers at Target, and I got several packs. I also got these sponges at Target. I got the good sponges because I figured, Go big or Go home! I don't regret it, because they lasted all year!


Then, I cut the sponges in half, length wise. They don't completely cover the bottom, but they cover it good enough to use for one student.


Next, you need to cover the bottom of the containers with glue put the sponge in, and cover the top of the sponge with glue. I bought glue when it was on sale at the beginning of the year  (last year) and then decided that I would just buy the huge container from amazon. It was worth every 15.00 penny because I used it again this year.

The kids just cut out the item, place it on the sponge and tap and then glue! They may get a little glue on their fingers but it wipes off easily. It has really helped and I no longer buy glue sticks unless I need it for a huge piece of paper!

Here is a short little video of one of my friends using her glue sponge! You won't regret it, I promise!