Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Next Step in Guided Reading: Chapter 4

Hello Friends! I can't believe we are already on Chapter Four! I hope you are learning a lot, I know I am. I am finding that some of these Pre-A and Emergent ideas would be great for my second grade struggling readers next year. After today, Mandy will be doing chapter 5 and 6! I will also be going live tonight at 8 est. on my Facebook page!

The Early Guided readers are usually first graders on levels D-I. Richardson also suggests that these students should be able to read and write 20-30 sight words. This is the part where you will see so many students grow in their reading abilities! I taught first grade for nine years and this was my favorite part!

Preparing for Early Guided Reading Lessons

Each lesson should last about 20 minutes. Before guided reading can happen in your classroom, students should be able to work independently for 60 minutes. I wrote about different centers that you can  use or independent time in the introduction!  Richardson also suggest that you understand the assessment really well before you begin.

Assessing Early Readers
Richardson provides a template for as assessment. I always find that creating one for myself helps me understand easier. Included in the assessment should be fluency, decoding, cues, retell, and monitors for meaning. This freebie from Mrs. Pirate Teacher on TPT is a good starting point. 

                                      Guided Reading Notebook Forms

Materials for Early Guided Reading Lessons
Richardson provides several high frequency word charts in the book. They are fabulous and easy to read! 

Selecting the Text

                           Guided Reading Quick-Guide

Two Day Plan- Early Guided Reading Lesson
The Emergent Guided Reading Lesson consists of two days. There is a very detailed example in the book. Below I have provided you with the basics.
Day One

Day Two

Before you begin, giving an interest survey would be a great idea to see where your students are in the reading process. I was browsing TPT and found this one from Emily Hutchison and it is great!

Guided Reading Interest Inventory Survey

Below are some Freebies that you can download. Click here or on the picture and download the image. When you click on the pictures on the slide, it will direct you to the freebie on TPT.

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  1. These are really great ideas. I love how bloggers share their creative ideas for teaching children. So many different things, theres never gonna be a dull moment.