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The Next Steps in Guided Reading: Chapter 3 Part One

Hey Hey Friends!!!! Welcome to Chapter Three Part One....yes I said it...Part One. I started reading this chapter and thought, good gravy, it is LONG. This post will focus on Pre-A students and the part two I will post Friday will focus on Emergent students.

How are you guys liking the book? I love all of the suggestions and I am happy that most of the things that I am doing are in this book. It helps reassure me that I am doing something right!

Pre-A students are kids that are usually in Kindergarten and some in first grade. It can also be Non-English speakers, slow learners, or students with special needs. 

Who is ready for Pre-A guided reading?
* These students know fewer than 40 upper and lower case letters.
* Hear very few sounds.

Tara from Little Minds at Work, shares her letter identification freebie on this blog post. It would be a great resource for your Guided Reading Binder!


Richardson shares so many ideas for Pre-A students. These are the basics of a guided reading lesson for Pre-A Students.

There are TONS of ways to practice letter matching! Richardson suggests Pre-A students to work on an alphabet tracing book each day along with guiding reading groups. I was watching a periscope that Jen Jones from Hello Literacy was doing and had a complete light-bulb moment. (To be honest, that happens often when I watch Jen! She is SO smart!) She had made a letter book with her child when she was little. It had the letter on it and then they put pictures of words that she knew on the pages. For example: D would be a picture of her Dad. This would be a GREAT lesson for students to complete at home OR in class. I created a freebie, using Jen Jones fonts of course, that you can download here. If you put them into page protectors, the kids could even trace the letters! I made an example for myself on the letter D.

Pre-A Guided Reading Lesson
This is the framework for how you would conduct a Pre-A Guided Reading Lesson

Working with Letters and Names
Letter Sticker matching (Target has tons right now!)
Magnet letters
Wiki Sticks
Tracing games
Letter Tile Matching
Clip Cards

Working with Sounds
Clapping Syllables
Working with Rhymes
Picture Sorts- Smal Whiteboards and Expo Markers are great to use to match letters to pictures

Working with Books
Teach concepts of print.
Read the Book with the students.
Let the students point out words.

Interactive Writing
Dictate a simple sentence
Students help you write the sentence.

Below are some Freebies that you can download. Click here or on the picture and download the image. When you click on the pictures on the slide, it will direct you to the freebie on TPT.

I'll be on Facebook Live on Monday to chat about each Pre-A, Emergent, and Early Guided Reading.

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  1. Actually I have some young children in my family, but I guess they haven’t reached the age to fully understand these. I will bookmark them though.