Sunday, March 27, 2016

ELA Choice Board

Hello friends and Happy Easter!

I was asked about my ELA choice board a few time on my Instagram so I decided to share with you what I have been doing during daily five these days!

My  students  boys weren't finishing their work. It was a battle because they would get into a book and not want to stop reading. As much as I LOVE that, they had other things that needed to be finished as well. Because I am pulling small groups, I don't have the time to micro manage my groups. I teach an advanced group of first graders, and they should be able to get their groups completed by the end of the week. Another setback I had is that my gifted students are pulled one day a week and miss all of their daily five time. I also realized my students didn't have time to find books in the library and get back in time, after taking an A.R. test. 

The best thing I could come up with was a must do/ may do system. Students have to finish their must do's before they begin the may do's.

We rotate to three-four groups each day, depending on the day. Students still complete their word work, read to self, and read to partner.

These beads are one of the students' favorites to practice their word work on!

When my students read to partner, they use these fabulous Blooms Buttons to ask each other questions about the books they read. You can find those here from Colleen Alaniz.

 My students read A.R. books based on Lexile, but they also can read on their ipads on the fabulous app, Epic. It is free for teachers and my kiddos LOVE it!

While they are working, they take their choice board with them. Each week, they complete a review skill worksheet. It can be cut and paste, a reading comprehension, or language review. They also have a squiggle writing sheet attached. This is a super easy way for you to modify for each of your kiddos! Click on the picture below to grab the choice board!

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