Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sharing Sunday- March

I am so ready to plan for March! Are you ready for spring? I am looking forward to warmer weather, fun activities with my kiddos, and new beginnings! You will have to wait to hear about those, but you DON"T have to wait for these fun activities about animals!

I LOVE working with the "What if I had Animal" books. It is a great way to learn about animals, informational books, and writing. Combine those and you get this fun activity shown below. It is one of my favorite things we do the WHOLE year! 

We have also been studying animals during our Science time. I have found some WONDERFUL freebies from these ladies and friends below. You should totally go grab them and leave some sweet feedback!

You can just click the pictures to download, and click around on each picture to grab these great freebies and see the blog posts!

Don't forget to head back to the Primary Peach to get more freebies, ideas, and downloads for February! Click here to go to the Peach!

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