Sunday, January 24, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Hello Friends! Short Post today, but I just wanted to share this cute Valentine that I made for my students this year.

You can find last year's maze Valentine here. 


This year, I went to the Dollar Tree and saw these cute notepads so I grabbed them and some pens to make this year's Valentines.

 I created this for my kiddos. Two per page, easy, and affordable! They love writing and notepads so it's a win win!

You can download your freebie here. Just add a text box on the bottom for your own signature! I used Hello Jen Jones fonts by Jen Jones. The font I used for the bottom is Hello Love Bug. It is precious. You can get her fonts here.

Click here to grab the freebie! Happy Valentine's Day,  friends!


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