Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sharing Sunday - December

Hello Friends! The authors at The Primary Peach have decided to help you out while you are making your plans for December. I am really excited about hopping through all of the blogs for these great ideas! When you finish this post, hop back to the Peach for more great ideas!

 This month for Sharing Sunday, I wanted to just share some ideas that I use for December. I don't use many products in December because I LOVE being creative! I really want my students to use their imagination and create in December.

I am going to share some great ideas for Reading,  Math, and Fun things that I will be using for December! Click on either image below to download the pdf. Once you are on the pdf, click around to visit all of the resources and freebies! Enjoy!


The first week in December I give my students a project. I level my students according to their Lexile and give them a book choice on their Lexile with one or two partners. 
During the week the students are to: 
1. Read the book
2. Create a project that identifies the story elements. This can be a book, play, poster, graphic organizer, or anything they can think of that is hands on.
3. Present their project to the classmates

This allows for us to cover SO many holiday books without having to read all of them. Then the students are able to choose those books to read during the rest of the month even if they are not in their Lexile.


I love to show my students pictures of my family from our Christmas Eve parties. We always dress in tacky Christmas wear. My students think this is hilarious, so I turned it into a writing prompt. What do you think happens at tacky Christmas sweater parties. They always think I dance and sing. I don't have a clue where they get that idea ;) Click on the picture below for a digital download of the writing prompt.


In math, we are usually studying time. I LOVE Teachers Pay Teachers during this time because there are so many free resources. Click below to grab the freebies! I also have bought the whole packet from Angie at Lucky Little Learners for the telling time unit and it is fabulous. I also love to have the kids play snowball toss with different times inside. They pick one up and read the time and we do it all over again! Free Fun :) 

Tacky Sweaters

Here is a little how to on Tacky Sweaters! We have a tacky sweater day at school for the adults, so I am always looking for new shirts to make on those days :)

Fun Activities

I love the fun we get to have during December! Here are a few things that I do to keep the kids entertained and of course I always tie it to some instruction :) Happy Holidays Friends!