Thursday, August 20, 2015

Math groups in August

Hi Friends! August has been crazy lately. We started on the 3rd so we have been back for a little bit. We have not finished MAP testing, so I haven't made my math groups yet so I am just sneaking in rotating groups here and there to test their math group skills. Today was all about numbers!

Yesterday, I introduced the kiddos to Math Slide 100. It is a great app and the kids love it!

Next, my sweeties did the cut and paste I made for number matching. See previous post to grab this for free!

Last, the students did my favorite free center, a 100's chart cut into puzzles! They LOVE them! I cut each color differently, and the kids just eat this center up!

Hope you are all having a wonderful August!

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  1. love these ideas! Do you have any other fun apps that you use for reading or math groups? I just got two kindle fires and would love to use some fun apps in groups :)