Sunday, July 12, 2015

Working Hard Caddy

Hey guys! I wanted to take some pictures of my new caddy for students working hard. When I see a student that is quiet and focused and really working, I am going to put the "Working Hard" caddy on their desk! I have filled it with "special" things that they can use to edit, write, or cut with. I will probably only use this once or twice a day! It should be a special caddy for students who are showing the best behavior.

I tried to buy what the parents probably wouldn't buy because you know the students want to use them! SO I got colored pencils, and pencils that are colored.

Fancy boy and girl scissors and neon erasers

Twistable crayons and Mr. Sketch stix. (They smell so good!)

GLITTER GLUE! (Bless my heart on this one but I had to.)

And here is my caddy ready to go! I may put the pencils in cups in the section of the caddy to help keep them together!

Do you do this? What items do you put in your caddy?

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