Sunday, July 19, 2015

Primary Peach Meet up

Hello Friends! Summer is sadly coming to a close, but we couldn't end summer without a Primary Peach meet up! I have been waiting to meet these wonderful ladies for such a long time and since I live in south Georgia and most of them live in north Georgia, it is hard to get together. Somehow Chandra and April made it happen and a few of us got together at the Cheesecake Factory (YUM!). We talked for a while about anything and everything. I loved getting to chat about Teachers Pay Teachers with these ladies, especially since I am now working on TPT all the time. 

When we first got there, Chandra gave us these cute jars with the tropical flair pens and chocolate. I mean who wouldn't LOVE that gift?!?! It will definitely be making an appearance on my desk. Well, all of it besides the chocolate, because that won't make it that long ;)

Speaking of my Bloggy Bestie Chandra, here she is :) I just HAD to get a selfie with her. We have been chatting for so long, I was SO happy to "meet" her!

We had the best time. I got to chat with these ladies about TPT, blogging, and just life in school and when you leave teaching. I am not quite ready to go back to school, but I can say these ladies helped get me excited for blogging and TPT "Back to School"! Do you recognize any of these ladies? I bet some of your favorites are in there :)

Take a visit to their blogs and TPT stores. They have some AMAZING posts and products! Stay tuned to the Primary Peach! We have some fun things planned ahead!

Primary Peach Ladies: (Left to Right)
Jessica from Ideas By Jivey
Me :)
Shannon from Bryant's Brain Train


  1. So glad we were able to meet, chat, brainstorm, and enjoy some yummy food!


    1. Me too! It was so great getting to "meet" you and chat up a storm! I can't wait to do it again!