Sunday, July 5, 2015

Gifted and Advanced Content Professional Development Session


Hello Friends, I hope everyone had a fabulous Fourth of July Weekend!

I had a few friends on Instagram ask to see what was in my presentation for Gifted and Advanced kiddos so here it is!  I started off with everyone completing a squiggle. I think every grade level can benefit from a squiggle because it shows their creativity! The adults in my class did a great job on their pictures, I loved it!

I started off with a short review of Blooms and Multiple Intelligences. I didn't want to focus on this for a long period of time but it is a great way to differentiate for your students! At the end of the day, the teachers rotated groups and completed some activities. One of those was creating a choice board with blooms. Another was to look at different interest surveys and create their own. I really think that the interest surveys help you get to know your students. It also shows the parents that you are interested in their baby!

Tips from my years of teaching Gifted and Advanced students in my classroom.

These are a few things that I use to increase differentiation for my advanced students. If you have an average class with one or two advanced kids, this will help keep them engaged with less disruptions. 
Give students choices my friends :)

I learned so much from Literature Circles. There is no "right" way to complete literature circles. Fit it to YOUR classroom with the way YOU do things. One year I gave the students jobs, the next I gave them an assignment and leveled the groups with Lexiles and books. Every year our classes are different. We know that the same thing doesn't always work. 

I love math groups, and it is always my kids' favorite time of the day. It is great because a lot of times, Math has to be last in our day. Math groups allow for kids to choose and enjoy their math time! You can read more about my math groups here

Choice boards are great for advanced kids because it gives them choices and the assignment is already there. The great thing about them is that once you make them, you can usually use them again another year.

Project Based learning is so much fun! It is definitely something that I would use in grades K-2. It was more difficult with my firsties that is why I went with Genius Hour!

There are so many resources with Genius Hour! Head over to their website to get started!

Below are some critical thinking strategies for the subjects. Most of these you don't even realize that you do already!

Everyone needs a brain break :) Go Noodle is my favorite!

Technology is great and it always gives students a way to show what they have learned. Products are a great way for advanced students to present to other students as well.

I hope that you grabbed a few tips from the today! I would love to hear what you do for your advanced students. leave me some love and let me hear it!


  1. Erin, this is such a great post! I start my gifted endorsement in September! I will definitely be coming back to this post for some ideas :)

    True Life I’m a Teacher

    1. Yay! I am so glad. I loved my gifted endorsement, it has helped me so much! Thank you :)

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