Saturday, June 20, 2015

Weekly Organization Link

Hi friends and Welcome Back! I am excited for you to be joining our linky party. Today I am going
to show you the way I keep our base ten blocks organized. I am linking up with our collaborative blog, The Primary Peach for our weekly Organizational Tips and Tools Linky party!

I bought these online from the dollar tree. They came in a set of 30 and I had them shipped right to the store so I wouldn't have to pay for shipping. You could definitely share with your teacher B.F.F. if you only wanted a few. I love these and they make it easy for each student to grab a set!

I also made these mini hundreds charts to keep in each container. We use them for so many things! You can grab it free here in my TPT store!

How do you organize your classroom?  Would you try this? Comment if you have a great idea for me and make sure you link up with us at The Primary Peach!


  1. I'm loving these, Erin! I've always just used ziploc bags, but naturally, they don't get "zipped" and base 10 blocks end up everywhere! PLUS, I think these will fit perfectly into the white 3-drawer organizers I have at each team!

    Theresa @ True Life I’m a Teacher

    1. They fit in mine! I can only put like three or four sets in each drawer but I keep the others in a stack with my math things. It makes it so much easier! I have lost a few ones but I keep them in an extra container and the kids just take what they need :)