Monday, June 22, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge: Dare to Dream

Hey guys I am linking up with the lovely ladies hosting the TPT seller challenge and this week is all about Daring to Dream!

My dreams are fairly simple (yet expensive) :)

1. I want to pay off an old credit card that is closed! It houses a lot of my college debt and I want it gone! I would feel so much better and it is my first debt that I want to tackle. 

2. I would love to build my dream house! I want all the pinteresty things that I see and pin. I want a room for my dogs :), a craft room/office, and a room for all my future kids.

3. A dream that I have always had is to adopt a baby. It is something I feel that I have always been called to do. I would love to be able to adopt in the next couple of years.

What are your dreams? Link up :)

Math Groups 2015

Hey Guys! This summer I presented a professional development on my math groups for my county. Some of my sweet friends on Instagram  (@theelementarydarling) have asked me to post my math group information on my blog! Here it is, all million words of it. It can be hard to follow, and you have to remember that this was a full day professional development where I worked with teachers who taught Pre-K all the way to 6th grade! I had a blast, and had a fabulous group of educators to work with! I am going to try and walk you through everything. If you have any questions, leave me a comment and I will get back to you!

For the professional development, I wanted teachers to take away their OWN way of implementing math groups in their classroom. I also wanted to show them how I use NWEA MAP scores and goals to create my math groups. Teaching first grade, we do not have to take the Georgia Milestones test, so this is our main assessment to guide guided math groups along with classroom assessments.

Here is a general math block schedule. 

For my personal math block, I start with an opener, move on to the whole group activity (which is always hands on) and then we have two 20 minute groups.  Every day the students check off which group they will visit. 

Their teacher time group is scheduled so they know what day they go and if they go first group or second. I also write their technology time on the board too. My kids have iPads, so they get free time and then they also have to create on the ipads as well. Before I had ipads, the kids used the computers and I had a schedule for them to use the computers so there were no arguments.

Here is how I organize the groups colors. Each groups math by myself is in the color folders, colored ziploc bags, and colored baskets. (Baskets are from Really Good Stuff,  folders are from amazon, and colored ziploc bags are from Walmart)

During Teacher Time, I work on a specific portion of the MAP test. I go into the Learning Continuum and pinpoint what I want them to work on. That is how I group the students, and that is also how I differentiate. Some students may know a lot about money, while others are just beginning. It shows my administrators how I differentiate easily as well.

My kiddos love teacher time. They complete many different activities including working in their journal, hands on activities, and technology. This is the time for remediation and acceleration! 

During Math with a partner, students work with a partner of their choice and complete any activities. The students do not have to work with someone in their group color. I had that question during my PD session. I think they should be able to work with anyone. They meet on their sit spots to choose their partner. Math with a partner activities are always review!

For Math with Technology, the students create products and also have some free time.This is the hardest one if you don't have ipads. You can make it work with computers, you just may have to have a schedule and less time with technology.

Math by myself is often differentiated. Sometimes it is not, and I take a class grade on the activity. Sometimes it is differentiated interactive journals or worksheets. (Perimeter cone by Step into Second Grade, Mystery Place Value by Cara Carroll, and Letter name activity by Jennifer Oyler) You can really do anything the kids need here. :)

Writing about Math is something I do with my advanced groups. I also think it would be great for grades 2-5. We completed those in our journals or on paper.

I hope this helps you guys! I made this planning sheet to help me plan for my groups. Download it here to help you plan! 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Weekly Organization Link

Hi friends and Welcome Back! I am excited for you to be joining our linky party. Today I am going
to show you the way I keep our base ten blocks organized. I am linking up with our collaborative blog, The Primary Peach for our weekly Organizational Tips and Tools Linky party!

I bought these online from the dollar tree. They came in a set of 30 and I had them shipped right to the store so I wouldn't have to pay for shipping. You could definitely share with your teacher B.F.F. if you only wanted a few. I love these and they make it easy for each student to grab a set!

I also made these mini hundreds charts to keep in each container. We use them for so many things! You can grab it free here in my TPT store!

How do you organize your classroom?  Would you try this? Comment if you have a great idea for me and make sure you link up with us at The Primary Peach!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Group Organization

Hi friends and Happy Summer! I am hoping that you are having fun on your days off! I am sure you are still pinning away looking for ideas for next year like I am. (I call it pinterest sickness.) So today I am going to show you the BEST way I keep my students organized. I am linking up with our collaborative blog, The Primary Peach for our weekly Organizational Tips and Tools Linky party!


The way that I keep my students organized is my group organization station. Each group has a station where I keep a trash can, all of their journals and T.R.E.A.T. binders. 

There is also a drawer for math manipulatives that I use often. The trashcan for each table is the best because there is no reason for the students to get up and walk around the classroom while we are working on interactive journals or cutting a lot. I put a crate under the trash can to keep it tall enough for the kids to reach.

 I also love the caddie on top, because all of their supplies are all together!

How do you organize your classroom?  Have you tried something like this? Comment if you have a great idea for me and make sure you link up with us at The Primary Peach!