Thursday, April 16, 2015

Animal me: A writing and craft activity!

These last couple of weeks have been crazy but I had to share a writing craftivity that we did this week.

We read the books If I had Animal Feet, If I had Animal Hair, and If I had Animal Teeth. I LOVE these books and the kids do too!

 I always try and promote creativity with my students and this was they perfect way for them to have a choice in their writing and show some creativity.

After reading each book, the students completed a graphic organizer.

After we finished all three books (during the week), the students chose their favorite to write a rough draft for. Then I took their pictures to prepare for the final draft. They wrote their final draft and added the hair, teeth, or feet of their choice by using construction paper and adding to the picture of themselves. I have to say, I think they turned out adorable!

I even added a couple of papers in case drawing is a better option for your students! 

You can find it here! I hope you and your students enjoy!

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