Thursday, March 5, 2015

We love our MATH apps!

The kiddos and I are finally getting around to using all of our new math apps. These particular apps are free and they love each one of them! We haven't had the option to purchase any apps yet, so for now we are just enjoying our free ones! Enjoy!

Math dots is an app where students practice addition and subtraction. They have dinosaurs, pirates, and princesses! I downloaded them all :)

My math app has timed addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems.

Math Stretch has many games. Ordering numbers, skip counting, number bonds, time, and a hundreds chart are just a few. It is a great app!

Wings is a fabulous app for multiplication practice. Students actually tilt their iPad to choose the correct answer.

Math Bugs has students practice putting numbers in the thousands, hundreds, tens, and ones place, all while building a bug.

Grade 2 Math has students practice number sense, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, time, money, geometry, data and graphs, and strategic operations. It gives the students questions and they choose an answer out of four answers. 

Telling Time Quiz gives the students options to tell the time. It starts with hours and when they clear that level it gets progressively harder.

MRacing Turbo is an app where the students answer addition problems. As they answer a car races around a track.

Best Math Master has some great practice, including missing addends. 

Regrouping is an app where the students practice regrouping. They can choose addition or subtraction. I like this app because they can write their answers and carry the one or cross out numbers.

Math Slide has great apps, including addition, multiplication, slide 100, and slide 1000. This game allows one to four players to play at a time. They slide their answer into the middle of the screen. It is really neat, and for my gifted firsties, perfect for competitive students.

Todo math is one of the kids favorites. I would really like to purchase the full version. The kids can travel along a path to complete the problems (mission) or practice in free choice.

Telling time is a great app to practice time! They can actually move the hands to set the time.

Front Row is AMAZING! I love it!. It covers almost all topics, and the students take a diagnostic quiz for each section. Front Row will send you weekly reports as to who is struggling or mastering each concept. It is interactive and wonderful. I can not say enough great things about this app! You can also do this on the computer!

Number Scale is a balancing game. There are weights on one side (ex 4 and 1) and the student must drag the cannon ball to the five to balance the scale. It shows the addition problem on the top.

Coins gives the students an amount and then they drag the coins to make that amount.

Amazing Coin has patterns to practice what coins look like. It also asks them the value of the coins and practicing money in general.

Counting Money gives the students an amount and they choose the coins to create that amount.

Sushi Monster has tons of multiplication practice. My kids are obsessed with this app!

Grade 3 Math has great practice! It asks you the grade level and then they can complete the practice. Without purchasing, they will only get a few questions, so it would be a good app to purchase.

Equivalent Fractions asks students to make the fractions equivalent. It is a good app for older grades.

Pizza 1 is an app to practice fractions.

Number lines has some great practice for skip counting and sequencing.

Dragon shapes is a great app for tangrams. My kids LOVE this. It is another one that I would buy the full version for.

Geoboard is a virtual geoboard. The kids can also create squares and rectangles to find the area and perimeter. They can write on the shapes they create as well.

I hope that you enjoy and can use some of these free apps in your classroom. Stay tuned for posts covering other subjects and activities with iPad apps!


  1. Thank you!! Are these for both android and apple???

    1. You are welcome! I am not sure if they are for android, I would have to check but they are definitely for apple products :)