Saturday, December 5, 2015

Streamer Measurement

Hello Friends!
This is a quick, fun post!

This week in measurement, the students got into groups of four and measured one another with streamers. They compared the measurements in their group of four.

Then they got with another group of four and compared all of their streamers to see whose was the tallest and whose was the shortest. I used this lesson as my opener to measurement and it was so much fun!

 Go buy a few streamers! It was definitely worth the small price and we had fun measuring at the same time! Happy Weekend Friends!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Stocking Measurement

Hi Friends! Today we did a really fun activity!

Each stocking was labeled with a post it note.

The students used bells to measure four different Christmas Stockings. They LOVED it! We rotated in groups to the different stations. This would be a great center as well.

Go grab four stockings and this freebie below :) Click on the picture to download it and enjoy!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sharing Sunday - December

Hello Friends! The authors at The Primary Peach have decided to help you out while you are making your plans for December. I am really excited about hopping through all of the blogs for these great ideas! When you finish this post, hop back to the Peach for more great ideas!

 This month for Sharing Sunday, I wanted to just share some ideas that I use for December. I don't use many products in December because I LOVE being creative! I really want my students to use their imagination and create in December.

I am going to share some great ideas for Reading,  Math, and Fun things that I will be using for December! Click on either image below to download the pdf. Once you are on the pdf, click around to visit all of the resources and freebies! Enjoy!


The first week in December I give my students a project. I level my students according to their Lexile and give them a book choice on their Lexile with one or two partners. 
During the week the students are to: 
1. Read the book
2. Create a project that identifies the story elements. This can be a book, play, poster, graphic organizer, or anything they can think of that is hands on.
3. Present their project to the classmates

This allows for us to cover SO many holiday books without having to read all of them. Then the students are able to choose those books to read during the rest of the month even if they are not in their Lexile.


I love to show my students pictures of my family from our Christmas Eve parties. We always dress in tacky Christmas wear. My students think this is hilarious, so I turned it into a writing prompt. What do you think happens at tacky Christmas sweater parties. They always think I dance and sing. I don't have a clue where they get that idea ;) Click on the picture below for a digital download of the writing prompt.


In math, we are usually studying time. I LOVE Teachers Pay Teachers during this time because there are so many free resources. Click below to grab the freebies! I also have bought the whole packet from Angie at Lucky Little Learners for the telling time unit and it is fabulous. I also love to have the kids play snowball toss with different times inside. They pick one up and read the time and we do it all over again! Free Fun :) 

Tacky Sweaters

Here is a little how to on Tacky Sweaters! We have a tacky sweater day at school for the adults, so I am always looking for new shirts to make on those days :)

Fun Activities

I love the fun we get to have during December! Here are a few things that I do to keep the kids entertained and of course I always tie it to some instruction :) Happy Holidays Friends!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sharing Sunday- November

Hey Friends! November is upon us! I can't wait for some down time with my family and Thanksgiving food! The authors at The Primary Peach have decided to help you out while you are making your plans for November. I am really excited about hopping through all of the blogs for these great ideas! When you finish this post, hop back to the Peach for more great ideas!

I am going to share some great resources for Reading and Math that I will be using for November! Click on either image below to download the pdf. Once you are on the pdf, click around to visit all of the resources and freebies! Enjoy!


Fun Stuff :)

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Learning about Continents

I have been so inspired lately by Hope King from Elementary Shenanigans and Kim Bearden from the Ron Clark Academy. To say that I love their lessons would be an understatement. When I watched their periscope on the beach day in their classroom, I decided that I was going to introduce my continent lesson and integrate math and ELA one day to #setthestagetoengage. I told my students' parents about it, and told them to look up the Ron Clark Academy, that my lessons would be a bit different that day.  I will update you on that status later! So I planned, and planned, and planned some more. I crafted and created (Which I love). Like Hope says, Elementary is a different beast when it comes to Set The Stage To Engage. She and Kim also say to use what you have, and I did.
*Insert this part for my dad* (See, I really did only buy these items!)
These are the only things that I bought for today. Next year, I will ask a Chinese restaurant for chopsticks and a parent for the bread, pb, and jelly!

First, I met my kids in the library, They made predictions (and thought that I was really flying them to somewhere), and received their ticket, passport, and suitcase. I made the suitcases from cereal boxes turned inside out. Then we traveled down the hall to take flight!

Each student had their seat and row on their ticker, so when they entered the room they found their seats! I hung clouds up as well!

We read this book about Isabella. Then we discussed books that tell stories and books that give information (our standard for this week).

I used Google Earth as we flew and the students held out their hands like planes. (so precious) I left youtube up with plane sounds and the white noise was calming and exciting at the same time.

North America

We left from North America (NYC) in fact, and we visited the Statue of Liberty before we left. For every continent, the students wrote in their passport and then glued the stamp for that continent on their suitcase.

South America

Next, we flew to South America. There we talked about Carnival (the Rio version, not the real version) and the students danced to a song from the movie. 


We needed scarves for Antarctica! It was so cold :) The students received a fact about the continent and they made a snowball. They threw the snowball in the circle, picked up a new snowball and read it to the class. We did that about three times.


When we arrived in Australia, the students were excited to see Kangaroos and learned about boomerangs. They made one to take home and loved decorating it.

Next it was SNACK TIME! I brought in my rolling cart from my house and rolled it so that they could pick a snack.

Then we left for..


In Asia, we learned about Sushi. The kiddos thought that I was going to make them eat the real stuff but we make PB and J sushi instead. Just flatten the bread, add PB and J, roll, cut and voila!

Next was Europe!

When we went to Europe, we learned how to say Hello in different languages. The kids favorite was Bonjour! (Thank you Google!)

Last we flew to Africa!

We made African Necklaces and looked at the deserts on Google Earth.

Lunch Break :)


FOr math, we are studying 2D plane shapes, so we flew planes outside. Whichever shape the plane landed near, the students had to tell me how many sides and vertices.

Then we visited three centers to review continent locations.

Center 1

Students played headbandz with continent cards.

Center 2

Students rolled a dice and wrote the continent they rolled with an Expo marker on a map.

Center 3

Students used the spinner to locate continents on a large map as a group.

It was SUCH a fun day!

Pilot Warren from Warren Airlines signing off! :)