Monday, October 6, 2014

Spider number sense

This little five dollar purchase was a great one! If you are near a target, go grab it!  

 I split the kids into four groups. I used the enclosed spiders to name the groups. There were four sticky spiders in the package; pink, green, orange, and purple. Each group also got my mini hundreds chart that I use for everything. You can get it here for free. 

One student from each group threw the spider on the chart. We only worked on more than today. If they landed on 10 and the number was 37 they would tell me ten more than 37, and get a point for their team. I did use the 100, 5, and 25 as well for a challenge for my gifted firsties. This would be easy to change if you only wanted to do 10 more than and 10 less than.


I will say the spiders would stick and then fall slightly. It wasn't anything that hindered our learning or our fun time!


We had a blast! Perfect way to start our spider learning :) Tomorrow we will do "less" and show ten less. They were excited that they were able to do it again! Have a wonderful week bloggy friends!