Saturday, August 2, 2014

Open House Stations

I posted a few pictures on Instagram and just wanted to share my open house stations with you all. It was my first year using stations and I felt it was much easier on me. I didn't have tons of parents talking to me at a time, and no line either. I also liked that I had the kids thinking before school even starts. I have high expectations for all my students, but especially the years I have advanced content and gifted. I searched pinterest for different ideas that I could make my own. I also used things that my school needed completed.

Station 1:

In Station one, students came in, were greeted, signed in, grabbed a pen and check list, and headed off on their scavenger hunt!

Station 2:

In station two, the students went to their desks and grabbed their treat and first homework assignment (an all about me box from Really Good Stuff). Their parents had to correct the student information sheet on the desk.

The treats:

I have a teacher friend that makes these wonderful sugar cookies for me, for open house. I appreciate her even more, because she is also getting ready for her open house and students coming in for the new year. Thank you Sarah for your hard work on my fabulous cookies! I made this quick label and threw them on before they left. My sister thought of the quote, so I can't take credit for that. :)

Station 3:

In station three, I had the students write why school is important. I started it with a post it note, and left the post it notes and pens in the container. Also, on the sign, it says the parents can help the students write it. I loved the answers!

Station 4:

The most important station, transportation! If you teach Pre-K - 2 (and sometimes older), you know how important it is for the students to get home the right way! My school had the parents fill out FIVE stickers (Monday - Friday), with the correct transportation information for each day. Each day, the students will wear the sticker to make sure they get home the correct way.

Station 5:

At Station five, the students could take a sticky note and guess how many candies were in the jar for our estimation station. This morning, (yes I went to school on a Saturday), I read them all and put the sticky notes on our first anchor chart for math. * Hopefully you will see this on my classroom reveal post soon!

Station 6:

The last station was our Open House surveys the parents filled out. Once they completed this Station they could  visit the Sweetie Pie Board for the Bonus or visit Miss Warren!

Sweetie Pie Board:

This is my version of the giving tree. My room is sweets themed, so I decided to grab a pack of pie pans at the dollar tree, and print out a few pie pieces!

Do you use stations for Open House? What kinds of things do you use, leave a comment so that I can add it to my list for next year! :)


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