Monday, August 18, 2014

Back to School 2014- Who Monday

Hey Y'all! Guess what day it is?!?! WHO MONDAY! I am linking up with Blog Hoppin to talk a little about myself today :)

So a little about me :)

My name is Erin Warren and I teach in South Ga. (It's real hot y'all.. like 100 degrees) I was raised about 30 minutes away, so I am pretty close to my family, and I love it!


I am starting my 8th year teaching this year. I will also be graduating with my Education Specialist's degree in May and I CAN.NOT.WAIT. I am so ready to stop working on graduate work and start working on my TPT store! I teach a gifted and advanced content class. It is by far the hardest class I have ever had to teach. I feel so blessed and I love my job. 

Here are some fun facts about me...well I hope they are fun..

1. I love diet coke...and Kind Bars.

2. My favorite color is turquoise...its all over my house.

3. My whole family is involved in Education. (The littlest sister just changed her major to early childhood education..she said she never would..we knew she would...we win:) ) My mom was a teacher and is now a Technology Director, My dad is on the Board of Education, and my middle sister teaches at the elementary school that my school feeds into. We just love school :)

4. I used to work in a shoe store, worked at the vet, and I sold apartments and homes before teaching.

5. My hair is really long, and my hairdresser doesn't want to cut it.

6. I'm obsessed with mascara...No, seriously, I wrote a blog post about it once. I also like to do other people's makeup, just not my own. I did my best friends makeup for her wedding!

7. My classroom is a sweets theme this year, and I can not wait to share my post about it! 
I hope you all link up with Blog Hoppin too! I'll be back tomorrow for Tuesday's Blog post!

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