Saturday, May 24, 2014

Top ten things I want to do this summer

I am linking up with a fellow Georgia Blogger and one of my favs Deanna Jump! I have two more days of teacher work days, and then I am free for the summer :) (minus grad school)

1. I want to create a new theme for my classroom! My colors are the same as my blog, but I want to include a new idea I have yet to create. I got these cute caddies from Schoolgirl Style. LOVE!

2. I have a dresser that my TV sits on and I have to paint I should have done it months ago. More could say I'm obsessed.

3. More house ideas :)  I am creating this little room into a semi-closet/ get ready room. My bathroom is really small, so I am wanting to house everything in here to get ready in the morning.


4. This will go in the room, and needs a makeover. Sorry for the terrible cell phone picture!


5. I finished the table, thankfully with the help of my best friend, and now I must finish the chairs! So.much.painting. :)

6. I want to work on my photography this summer. My sister is a fabulous photographer and sometimes I help her second shoot weddings. This is from the first one I helped with and I love it. 


7. I would LOVE to make this over the summer! I saw it on the cute blog Falling into First.


8. Start back with my yoga. I love it, but because I have been so busy, I haven't had the time to do it lately!

9. Spend time with my family and my sweet animal babies. Maybe go to the beach too!


10. Lastly, I want to create a few more TPT products, research new ways to keep my gifted smarties enthusiastic about learning, and find the best ways to use iPads in the classroom!


  1. Looks like a great list! I love all your house project ideas. We just bought a house in Sept. so I also have a lot of those on my list. I hope you have time to work on some products for accelerated kiddos, I would love to check those out!

  2. Ooooo I have that mini-anchor chart stand on my to-do list too!! Can't wait to see how yours turns out! I want to take up photography so badly! Jealous that you have your sister kinda like a 'mentor' to help you with your craft! I hope you enjoy it!

    Tales of a Teacher

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