Friday, May 16, 2014

Field Trip- Hunter Cattle Company

This year we had to split into two groups to go on our field trip because our grade level is growing so much! Here are some pictures from Hunter Cattle Company. We weren't there long because it started to storm, but in the time that we were there, the kids had a blast. Mine especially were the most excited about the baby chicks and the eggs :) If you are in or around the area, I highly recommend you visit. The people that work there are the absolute nicest people and family.

Feeding goats and pigs on the hayride!

Loving the chicks
 This was their favorite part, learning about the eggs. Notice how some kids have wet shirts. Even through the downpour, the kids wanted to stay!

I personally loved these little guys.

We were the chicken group :) Haha


Cutest little store ever!

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