Saturday, May 24, 2014

Top ten things I want to do this summer

I am linking up with a fellow Georgia Blogger and one of my favs Deanna Jump! I have two more days of teacher work days, and then I am free for the summer :) (minus grad school)

1. I want to create a new theme for my classroom! My colors are the same as my blog, but I want to include a new idea I have yet to create. I got these cute caddies from Schoolgirl Style. LOVE!

2. I have a dresser that my TV sits on and I have to paint I should have done it months ago. More could say I'm obsessed.

3. More house ideas :)  I am creating this little room into a semi-closet/ get ready room. My bathroom is really small, so I am wanting to house everything in here to get ready in the morning.


4. This will go in the room, and needs a makeover. Sorry for the terrible cell phone picture!


5. I finished the table, thankfully with the help of my best friend, and now I must finish the chairs! So.much.painting. :)

6. I want to work on my photography this summer. My sister is a fabulous photographer and sometimes I help her second shoot weddings. This is from the first one I helped with and I love it. 


7. I would LOVE to make this over the summer! I saw it on the cute blog Falling into First.


8. Start back with my yoga. I love it, but because I have been so busy, I haven't had the time to do it lately!

9. Spend time with my family and my sweet animal babies. Maybe go to the beach too!


10. Lastly, I want to create a few more TPT products, research new ways to keep my gifted smarties enthusiastic about learning, and find the best ways to use iPads in the classroom!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Owl Pellets

Thanks to Donor's Choose, our owl pellet experiment got funded! Ohmiword, the screams of excitement were almost too much :) I loved every second of watching them explore. I should have taken a picture of their thank you notes, but I didn't think of it. They thanked their donors for the "experience" and said "it was the best day of their lives". I have never seen a class that loves science and exploring more than this one. This was well worth the time writing the Donor's Choose project. If you haven't written one, do it! You will not regret it!

I ordered fiction and non-fiction books about owls and birds. We read them throughout the week and reviewed story elements, text features, and comparing. You can get two freebies here that I made to go with what we learned.

I also ordered tweezers and magnifying glasses for each student to get one.

I allowed the students to play with the tweezers and magnifying glasses first, to get that out of the way. They also set up their paper towels, paper, and made their space neat and tidy.

Then they DUG IN!! At first, they were apprehensive to touch the pellet, but that didn't last long!

We found tons of skulls, which they loved. I made a poster out of the page in the booklet. The kids used the poster to identify the bones and put them on the table.

Pure. First Grade. Bliss.
I'm going to miss these babies!

Field Trip- Hunter Cattle Company

This year we had to split into two groups to go on our field trip because our grade level is growing so much! Here are some pictures from Hunter Cattle Company. We weren't there long because it started to storm, but in the time that we were there, the kids had a blast. Mine especially were the most excited about the baby chicks and the eggs :) If you are in or around the area, I highly recommend you visit. The people that work there are the absolute nicest people and family.

Feeding goats and pigs on the hayride!

Loving the chicks
 This was their favorite part, learning about the eggs. Notice how some kids have wet shirts. Even through the downpour, the kids wanted to stay!

I personally loved these little guys.

We were the chicken group :) Haha


Cutest little store ever!

Friday, May 2, 2014

May Currently

I am so excited to be linking up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade. It is my first time, and I am loving the idea! My sweet new friend Chandra at Teaching with Crayons and Curls surprised me. You should go check out her blog!

Listening- I LOVE the show I Found the Gown on TLC. Who wouldn't want a designer wedding dress for less?!?! I highly recommend watching!

Loving- I just bought a new printer, after searching for forever, and it was well worth the money and the search! I also bought a laminator, and I am addicted to it.

Thinking- I have tons of things to make for the next couple weeks, aldo I am switching up my lesson plan format, which will take a while. My sweet friend's son is getting confirmed this weekend, and I am his sponsor, so I have lots of fun things to do.

Wanting- These new toms....but I can't make the jump...mainly because I am more of a glam girl and less of a toms girl. However these are screaming at me...loudly :) I passed on them earlier, and now I can't find my size anywhere!

Needing- I am making my little room in my house into a closet/dressing room. I bought a cute desk and vanity that I need to refinish, however that may become a summer task.

Surprise- I found Elizabeth on instagram, and totally related to her and her blog. She is so sweet and you can really see how much she loves her job. She has amazing ideas, you should definitely start following her blog! Find her here at Miss Vericker's Adventures! 

Five for Friday May 2nd

I love linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching :)

It's FRIDAY again, and today was the BEST DAY EVER! I received some fabulous news, got to hang out with my sister, and my kids dissected owl pellets and the squeals of delight were hysterical! You can read all about our owl pellets here!

Owl Pellet Fun. I have to do this again next year. It was amazing!

I bought my students their end of the year gifts! I am going to put polka dots and their names on them with vinyl. 

We went on a field trip to a farm this week. Unfortunately we got rained out, but I did get a few pictures before we had to go!

I work on the yearbook, and they finally came in today, and I love them :)

The second grade team invited us to have a snack and lemonade in their classrooms. They were reading Lemonade for Sale, and we got to go listen in my lovely friend, Mrs. Seiler's room. The kids were really into her reading :)

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!