Saturday, April 26, 2014

All about Eggs day!

The week before Easter, we studied eggs and did many egg experiments during our Gifted and Talented Resource time. I co-taught with our Resource teacher, and the kids had such a blast. I made a half book for the kids to record their predictions.

Our egg-sperts used this nifty book :)
Salt water versus regular water
Shaking and smelling the eggs to see if they could tell a difference between the raw and hard- boiled.
Spinning the two eggs
Squishing the raw egg, look at those missing teeth :) Love it!

The last day, I took about an hour and let the kids wrap a raw egg for The Great Egg Drop. They had to work in their group, and use the items that were on the floor to make sure their egg stayed safe. I loved that they worked on it themselves. I do love the ones that go home, but this way I could hear their reasonings and watch them work together.



My floor when all the students were finished picking their supplies.
The end results

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