Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My teacher for president

This was also from Cara Carroll's packet. My kids loved this. The last picture is supposed to be me. I love the super skinny fingers! Haha

If I were president

This was a fun craft :) i loved the kids answers. They really did a nice job with this activity. You can find it on teachers pay teachers by the wonderful Cara Carroll. Get it here!

Elf on the shelf

The kids loved the elf of the shelf this year :)

Shades of meaning...verbs

We tried the paint chip shades of meaning for verbs! The kids loved it and it was a cute display for the hallway.

A sweet homecoming

One of my little girl's dad is in the military. He is such a nice person and had been gone for so long. He had a two week break or so and we make him a poster to welcome him home and tell him thank you!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Theodore Roosevelt

My kiddos made their own Theodore Roosevelt bio poems. It was a great activity and they really liked it!