Saturday, August 25, 2012

My classroom 2012-2013

First, I want to say that most of the things in my classroom I found on Pinterest or other blogs. Some of it I bought on teachers pay teachers. I am thankful that I didn't have to make everything!
Standards board and writing board

Where the kids do their word work

My favorite planner and desk pad from Erin Condren

My desk, teacher table, filing system, reading materials, and Monday-Friday organizer

Daily Five board, math groups, and  fluency door

The fluency door and pizza pans (math groups) weren't finished at the time. I will upload new pictures soon :)

Tissue paper decorations, group desks,  and computers

Students book bins

Standards Vocabulary wall

Books organized by lexiles.
Labels are from Erica Bohrer

Bucket Fillers, Behavior Guitar from Abby Mullins, and my  "How we get home ribbons.
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  1. You room looks very cute! Have a great year. :-)

  2. Where did you get your student book bins from?

    1. Hay gabby! I got them from really good stuff magazine! They were a little pricey and they do tip over when they have tall books in them but so far they are on their second year without breaking! I'm hoping to get at least another year or two in before deciding on what to do next!