Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tissue paper decorations

I am making these for my classroom :) I wanted some fun cute things, so my friends and I decided these would be cheap and easy!

First I got the colors of tissue paper that went with my color scheme. I bought mine from Hobby Lobby and used one whole pack for one puff.

I also bought 24 gauge flower wire and ribbon to hang them with. I haven't really measured the ribbon because I am not sure how high I want them.

Next, I folded the tissue paper like an accordion. I folded it about 1 and 1/2 inches.

Old school fan style :)

Next, I folded the wire (about 6 inches) in half and tied it like a bread tie. I also went ahead and put my ribbon through the wire.

You will need sharp scissors to curve the ends. You could also make them pointy ends but I like mine to look more like flowers.

Then, I just started to pull out each piece of tissue one by one.

Make sure you do both sides so it is full on both side if you are hanging them. If you are taping them to a wall, you will only have to do one side.

All finished! 

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