Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Measuring length opener

We used gummy worms to measure length. First by themselves then we stretched them. Then of course they ate them :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Shapes, shapes, and more shapes!

During our geometry unit we did a TON of activities. I only got a few pictures. First we got a bug piece of paper and a notecard. The kids traced the notecard several times to make new shapes, then they colored them all a different color. The other pictures are of our sticker sticks. We used these to talk about vertices and sides of the shape. The stickers came off after a couple of days use, but it was good for them to see how the sides connected!

Directional words

Quick post! I placed tape down the students desks. We used bears to show the left and right sides on the desk. We also sided words like around and above and used our colors. The kids loved this and it gave us tons of practice!

Bling in the new year!

I went with a bling theme this January to have the students tell me their new year's resolution! Here are some cute ones and a picture of the door!

Fables with main idea and details

Earlier I googled books to teach main idea and ran across this book of fables. It is a great book because most of the time we don't use those in the classroom. My kids loved the book and could easily pick out the main ideas and details. We used a big post it note to write the main idea and the small post it notes for the details. My firsties love post it notes!

Slacker city...

I'm so sorry I have been missing! This masters stuff is taking all of my time! We did dress up for book character day! I had one of the kiddos take my picture with my teacher friend Randi. She was viola swamp and I was fancy nancy! A couple days later one of my sweet little ones drew a picture of me as fancy nancy. It is by far one of my favorite drawings that a kiddo has done!