Saturday, October 8, 2011

The low down on my ABC chart

A couple summers ago, we started a curriculum mapping team that learned about curriculum mapping and made our maps for the county. I volunteered, and actually enjoyed it! I got some great new ideas from fellow teachers AND our new friend Sue Ellen. She was spearheading the "conference" and she had some amazing ideas that she shared with us. One of the ideas was an ABC chart. The idea was to close out your
 lesson by giving each student a post-it note or piece of paper with a letter on it, and they had to think of a word that related to the lesson. Wellllllll, I knew my little firsties wouldn't be able to handle that by themselves, so I turned the ABC chart into a whole lesson. I got some ABC sticky letters from Walmart and glued them on a large piece of paper. I had it laminated and voila, an easy way to review a LOT of things. One good thing about the letters, there are several sets, so you can share with your teacher friends! Recently we used the ABC chart to talk about nouns. Each student got a letter on a sticky note and since we are still having phonics issues, I told them they can draw and write the noun. The kids LOVED the activity and they came up with some great nouns.

Here is the whole chart with our nouns on them.

Here are a few examples of what the kids did!


This one is my favorite! I just love the cute turtle, tree, and his attempt at spelling!

What can YOU use this chart for? Happy brainstorming :)