Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rainbow Nouns

Just a quick post! One of my teachers I work with found this idea on line. You break the students into groups and give each one a piece of construction paper. Each group brainstorms nouns of that color.  My sweet darlings did a great job! They came up with some creative things :) I traced over their writing with a sharpie.

grass, crayon, shirt, paper, box, balloon

apple, flag, wagon, marker, shoes, bucket 

grapes, candy, plum, purple folder, mat, flowers, card 

 an orange, sucker, paper, seat, cord, tape, skate, shoes

car, toy, shirt, ocean, jacket, dolphin, bucket, pens

banana, lemon, pencil, egg yolk, paper, sun, book, pen, chair, bee

I was really impressed with them! The kids did a great job, and I loved their brainstorming tactics. It was cute listening to them talk to each other! I put them all together and made our "Rainbow Nouns" Chart.

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