Saturday, September 17, 2011

Benjamin Franklin

Just like our Thomas Jefferson unit, I was looking for new and different ways to teach our history lessons. Our new teacher, Ashley, made this person once before when she taught younger grades. My students made their Ben Franklin and wrote one sentence about him.

It says, he invented a lightening rod.

Cute Ben Franklins
 Also that week we used this paper from Cara's blog. You can find it here. She did an inventor's unit and i printed off the invention paper! It was great for the kids and they used higher level thinking skills, which is a big deal for first grade. They had to write the inventor and invention of their choice, illustrate what they learned, illustrate the invention, and describe what life would be like without the invention.

Describe what life would be like without this invention. This one says, " The house will be burned." (without the lightening rod)  So smart :)

This one says, "If the world did not have the Franklin Stove, they would get freezing" Haha I love it!
If you can't tell I am loving Cara's blog, The First Grade Parade! If you haven't taken a look at her blog, you need to!

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