Monday, August 22, 2011

What's in my teaching bag :)

If you ever wondered what was in a teaching bag, well you are in luck :) This post is alllll about what is in my cute teaching bag! Most teachers are obsessed with bags, everyone has to carry one, and luckily we have tons of people that sell Thirtyone. They have cute things that you can get monogrammed, so that is where my bag came from.

The inside of my bag :)

This is my pink and black bag with lots of pockets and my initial.
One of my obsessions are obviously pens.... I LOVE PENS! Colorful ones of course... I have colorful pens everywhere..Ohmiword y'all you have to have colorful pens.

These are some of my favs!

I have to have an umbrella just in case...This one is of course covered in high heels :)

I have three planners, this one is my personal planner...although somehow school always creeps in there.

Three planners, if you think they won't get used, you are mistaken. I over plan..everything :)

Love more color..lots of notebooks :)

I make the yearbook at our school, so I have my yearbook stuff handy to work at home. I also have my cute folder that houses everything from scores, to grades, to notes and things I need to grade. 

Another notebook that I use for school meetings. My clipboard that houses my daily behavior and attendance.

For differentiation i use Word Journeys and Words Their Way to make spelling lists on the students individual level.

Because it is only the first few weeks of school, my bag isn't TOO full, but eventually I'll update you when its overflowing :)