Thursday, December 22, 2011

Shaving cream snowmen

I saw the cutest idea from pinterest that I decided to make with my firsties this year! You mix half shaving cream and half glue to make a a sticky mess :) we allllll love those! Give a glob to each kiddo on a piece of construction paper and let them make a snowman. It has to dry for a bit but the end results were cute! After they dried' i let the kids add to it but you could probably do it before it dried as well. Here are some of our snow people.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Snowman ornaments

These little cuties were basically free! I got paint sample colors from the store. The kids drew a face and cut out a hat. Then they glued "buttons" on them. I saw this idea from pinterest. Add some ribbon and Taaa Daaaaa! Easy! There are so many options you can do! Here are some pictures from today's snowmen! Tomorrow we tackle Christmas trees.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Decorations

This past month has been so crazy! I am hoping after this week I will be able to post all the cute things we have been doing in the room. Finishing this semester of my masters can't come soon enough :) here are a few phone pictures of our holiday decorations. As soon as we get our ornaments made, I'll post another picture of it decorated!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


This is the start of the Nouns. We learned about all kinds of nouns, and here are some things we have done in the past couple months! Here is another example of a way that we used a flip book. I forgot to take a picture of the kiddos work but here is my example that I showed them.

Then we did a chart in nouns. My firsties love post it notes. We used this not cute, but easy post it note chart on the whiteboard.

 Next we learned about singular and plural nouns. The kids cut out examples in a magazine of singular and plural nouns. Sometimes I wonder about their choices, so I had them write the words as well.

When we learned about pronouns, they made another flip chart. (I swear they love them too!) They wrote down several examples under the flaps. 

Addition Fun

I am trying to catch up on my posts, so here are some activities we made a couple of months ago.. (Where has the time gone?!?!?)

Here are some of our adding three numbers flip books. The kids loved this and I LOVE flip books. They are easy to make and the kids use them for everything in my classroom.

How cute are the lipsticks???

 I told the kids to choose three numbers and add them together. Look at this example! This student picked three random numbers so he could draw as many stars as he wanted, and came up with 22. Let me also say, we were only going to add up to ten...after I saw this, I was SO glad I let them pick their own numbers :)

I also had the kiddos make this. The each got a triangle and picked three numbers. Then they had to write the fact family on the rectangle. The loved this, and it was super easy!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The low down on my ABC chart

A couple summers ago, we started a curriculum mapping team that learned about curriculum mapping and made our maps for the county. I volunteered, and actually enjoyed it! I got some great new ideas from fellow teachers AND our new friend Sue Ellen. She was spearheading the "conference" and she had some amazing ideas that she shared with us. One of the ideas was an ABC chart. The idea was to close out your
 lesson by giving each student a post-it note or piece of paper with a letter on it, and they had to think of a word that related to the lesson. Wellllllll, I knew my little firsties wouldn't be able to handle that by themselves, so I turned the ABC chart into a whole lesson. I got some ABC sticky letters from Walmart and glued them on a large piece of paper. I had it laminated and voila, an easy way to review a LOT of things. One good thing about the letters, there are several sets, so you can share with your teacher friends! Recently we used the ABC chart to talk about nouns. Each student got a letter on a sticky note and since we are still having phonics issues, I told them they can draw and write the noun. The kids LOVED the activity and they came up with some great nouns.

Here is the whole chart with our nouns on them.

Here are a few examples of what the kids did!


This one is my favorite! I just love the cute turtle, tree, and his attempt at spelling!

What can YOU use this chart for? Happy brainstorming :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rainbow Nouns

Just a quick post! One of my teachers I work with found this idea on line. You break the students into groups and give each one a piece of construction paper. Each group brainstorms nouns of that color.  My sweet darlings did a great job! They came up with some creative things :) I traced over their writing with a sharpie.

grass, crayon, shirt, paper, box, balloon

apple, flag, wagon, marker, shoes, bucket 

grapes, candy, plum, purple folder, mat, flowers, card 

 an orange, sucker, paper, seat, cord, tape, skate, shoes

car, toy, shirt, ocean, jacket, dolphin, bucket, pens

banana, lemon, pencil, egg yolk, paper, sun, book, pen, chair, bee

I was really impressed with them! The kids did a great job, and I loved their brainstorming tactics. It was cute listening to them talk to each other! I put them all together and made our "Rainbow Nouns" Chart.